ONLINE STORE (Information in Enligsh)

Posted by ainsoph

Thank you for visiting our website! Perhaps many of you are here from our recent zoom “meet up” with Tokyo Vegan Meet Up Group.

Below you will find information about our newly opened Online Store(s) and some of the products Nadia introduced for us during the call!

You can buy most of our products in our main Online Store:

The most popular product is the most popular menu item in our restaurants as well, the “Heavenly Vegan Pancakes“, but in a build-your-own style set.

Our first savoury item on the store is the “Handmade Tortilla, Dips, and Kara-age Set“, perfect for a brunch with family or for a small gathering at home with friends!

We set up a new Online Store for our pudding, as it was a highly requested product from our customers, but due to technical reasons we could not add it to our main store. Here is the link:

Before you order something, we kindly ask you to read all the notes on our “ABOUT” page. We are trying our best to make everything bilingual. If you have any questions, please email us at or DM us via Instagram!

Please also check out our YouTube Channel. We upload videos of ways to enjoy our sweets.